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Here at Place Painting we are professional grade painters. We take pride in doing what we say, and focusing on one project at a time. With over 7 years of professional experience in both Maine and Park City Utah, we have seen it all and have the solutions for all your painting needs. And if we don't believe our company is the best fit for your project we will tell you and do our best to offer you the proper guidance so your home turns out exactly like you wanted. So call today to get a free estimate and professional recommendation on your project.

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We offer our expert advice on colors, sheens, and products to give you the look you desire for every space. Here at place painting we've seen rooms painted all kinds of colors, so we have an idea or two on what would look good in your home. This is dependent on the space, the use of the room, the size, the condition of the walls and the overall goal and look you are trying to achieve. We mainly use Sherwin Williams paints, as we can offer our best pricing this way, though we can mix colors from most major paint suppliers. Or upon special request we can price alternative products for the job.

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Our goal is to ensure a lasting result once finished. We have spent years testing different primers and products to ensure the products we use will have the best adhesion to the surfaces they are being applied too. We manage bleeding knots, magic markers, hard water stains, switching from oil to acrylic, latex to oils, all by using the correct products and primers. We also offer proper prep work over loose paint, exposed wood, and areas the need caulk before paint. Our results speak for themselves, and it can all be acredited to proper prep work.

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Backyard Washing


We offer pressure washing and cleaning services of your deck in preparation to accept stain if needed. Each deck is different but we have the knowledge to guide you and recommend services based on the condition of your deck. Sometimes the wood is in good condition and all it needs is pressure washing and cleaning, other times it might need to be completely sanded down before the staining process can be completed. This is also up to you and your goals as to what you are trying to achieve.

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Place Painting offers a wide range of commercial painting services that includes pressure washing scraping, and spraying. We also offer commercial grade products and primers that will ensure a lasting result in the harshest climates. Please call today to discuss products and solutions for you commercial needs.

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Color matching is a wonderful tool that allows any in your home to be matched perfectly. This results in exceptional touch up work, as well as the use of better high quality products in the same colors you love. More often then not color matching is a solution to those looking to fix problems without breaking the bank. Touch up work if often less expensive and make your home look ten times better. Color matching can also be utilized to re-apply the same color to you walls, which will allow you to get away with one coat cutting costs in half. Please call to see if color matching is right for you.

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Painting vinyl is a great way to improve the look of you home. But making sure that you are using a vinyl safe paint is extremely important or the paint will not bond correctly and end up costing you thousands more to remove the incorrect paint. Sherwin Williams offers a large selection of colors in a vinyl safe formula that will not bubble under the summer heat. Please consult with us today to learn more about this service and how it can improve the look of your fading vinyl siding.

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Residential Housing Complex


We offer a wide range of exterior house painting and staining options. We paint brick, vinyl, wood, and aluminum siding. Done professionally with proper prep work and application processes. We ensure that your home will not only look good, but will have a lasting finish. Call today to see how Place Painting can help improve your properties value.

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966 Harpswell Islands Rd, Harpswell Maine 04079

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